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2016: Another Banner Year in the Breeding Shed for Hickory Lane Stallions

Apr 18, 2016
      The 2016 breeding season is in full swing and it is shaping up as another banner year for Hickory Lane's three stallions, Uncle Peter, Dejarmbro and McArdle.

     Uncle Peter's book has been full and closed since early January. The response this second year is even greater than the first in 2015. To top it off, his foals look just like him with a lot of leg, long bodies and pretty heads. His fertility has been excellent and he is great in the breeding shed. The quality of trotting mares Uncle Peter has received so far are the best in Ohio. It is hard not to imagine the impact this stallion will have when his yearlings hit the market.

     Dejarmbro is now in his fourth year and as of this writing has booked over 100 mares and is well on his way to a book in the 120 to 130 catagory, if not more. As you know, his yearlings were well received at the yearling sales last year, averaging over $20,000.00 per yearling. More importantly, however, are the training reports we are receiving from trainers. While we all know this time of year is filled with optimism and hope, we are hearing phrases to describe the Dejarmbro's as "good gaited", "smart", "have a lot of endurance" and, "have class". Several top trainers who are training multiple Dejarmbro's indicate that all of them that they have in training are good, not just one or two. We are hopeful these accolades carry over when these two year olds start qualifying!

     McArdle. The only word that comes to mind to describe this stallion is remarkable. McArdle is now in his fourth year standing in Ohio and already he has booked more than 100 mares this season, heading again to a full book despite intense competition in the State. His 2015 yearlings led the way in average at the Sales last year, topping ALL stallions in average. The training reports we receive are what we expected. The best ones will be among the best in Ohio. His track record is proven and he throws exceptionally good looking foals.

     All in all, it has been another great breeding season at Hickory Lane. All of us here at the Farm are so appreciative of the support and recognition you have given us. We have worked hard and continue to do so to bring you the best quality stallions available. It is our sincere hope that your offspring will reward you on the racetrack with a champion from all three of these marvelous stallions. Good luck!